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Product overview

Our product focus is on analogue pressure sensors, pressure switches and motor controls for the household appliance industry. Our range of services is extended by the areas BMS, User Interface and IoT. Below is an overview of all our products.

Sensor technologies

Kurz Elektronik GmbH has many years of experience in the field of sensor technology. Pressure switches and pressure sensors belong to our standard product segment. Pressure switches are available in 1-pole, 2-pole, 3-pole, with and without strands.


- Differential pressure sensors
- Pressure switch with display
- Our pressure switch is equipped with a
  Pressure range from min 0 hPa to 1000 hPa
- infrared sensor
- dust sensor

Motor control unit

We offer numerous standard solutions ranging from simple power control to load-controlled motor control.


- speed governor
- Overload protection/blocking protection
- Operation by rotary potentiometer, slide potentiometer and other
- Master/Slave control
- Power control/power regulation
- soft start

Batterie Management

An intelligent BMS is required to utilize the amount of energy available in the cells. The BMS prevents the battery cell from being overloaded due to overcharging/deep discharge.


- Different cell types: Lithium Ion Battery, Lithium
  Polymer Battery
- cell protection
- Overload protection and deep discharge protection
- Integration BMS/device control

User Interface

In order to facilitate communication between man and machine, various interfaces, so-called user interfaces, are required.


radio remote controls
Controls with LED display
touch button
key operation
Graphic Display


Internet of Things or "Internet of Things", IoT for short. Everyday objects have long since ceased to be such "everyday objects" and are able to communicate intelligently using network technology. By connecting to the Internet, these smart devices are able to act independently, adapt to situations and react to certain scenarios.


- Provision of measured values via radio networks, for   
example LTE Narrow Band, GSM
- Status transmission of operating data


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