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Company Policy

The top management determines the following measures:

  • The top management and its employees are committed to doing everything in their power to harmonize the name Kurz Elektronik with quality, quality awareness, environmental awareness and reliability.Top management and its employees are obliged to observe all relevant laws, ordinances and regulations. Our company policy is aimed at supplying only faultless products.
  • The top management is committed to continuously monitor and evaluate the QMS and EMS on a regular basis in order to adapt the QMS and EMS to corrective, preventive and improvement measures.
  • Top management is committed to promoting quality and environmental awareness among employees, integrating and training employees so that everyone can understand and apply the processes and objectives of the QMS and EMS.                                                         
  • We want to present ourselves to our customers as an important supplier and competent partner.                      
  • We want to supply our customers with a constant, very high quality and at the same time offer a price in line with the market.                               
  • We want to further expand our market position and consider the wishes of our customers.
    We want the quality and safety of our products to be taken into account at the development stage.
    We want satisfied employees who identify with the goals of our company and represent these goals internally and externally.
  • We want every employee to have the necessary initiative to eliminate these points when mistakes and improvements are detected and that solutions are developed in a team.
  • We regard our employees as our most valuable asset and want a positive working atmosphere.
    We want to build up a cooperative partnership with important suppliers.
  • For us, the preservation of our natural environment and the livelihoods of future generations is a particular concern. The responsibility for environmental protection, under consideration of legal and official regulations, lies therefore in our enterprise directly with the management.
  • We will use energy in a targeted and economical manner and minimise the occurrence of residual materials, waste, environmentally harmful emissions and waste water through appropriate technical and organisational measures. Our goal is a continuous improvement of environmental protection in our company.
  • We take the necessary precautions to avoid emissions caused by incidents and undertake to inform ourselves competently and comprehensively about the environmental effects of our activities.
  • Environmental protection is an essential management task.
  • Our responsibility in dealing with the environment requires the identification and evaluation of environmental aspects and programs.
  • We provide all the necessary means to achieve our goals and to implement our corporate policy
    The management evaluates itself and the degree of compliance with the standard in the company.
  • Management is committed to continuous improvement and further development of the management system.
  • We present our corporate goals measurably and publish them. Progress is monitored by top management.
  • For quality planning we use the following measures to achieve lasting quality improvements:
  • The quality-relevant features and the technical production requirements are coordinated and planned together with the customer.
  • A test protocol or test plan is created for each product, the content of which is based on the customer's specifications.
  • Our processes are monitored by SPC and our machines are monitored by MFU.


ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate
Environment Certificate

Environment Certificate

Environment Certificate

Factory Standards


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