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EMS Service

More than 200 employees work in our facility in Lithuania. In our production facilities China we can also expand our possibilies. We have a total of 8 SMD lines and several THT workstations. Our products are produced in high quality, certified according to DIN ISO 9001-2015 and the environmental guideline ISO14001-2015.

We offer:

- Mounting of printed circuit boards in a size up to
  to 380 mm width and 400 mm length
- The processing of components up to size 0402
- 3 wave soldering machines
- RohS compliant soldering
- Creating solder frames/solder masks
- Painting of printed circuit boards
- Selective soldering and almost residue-free
- Soldering of BGA components
- Mixed assembly on both sides (THT/SMT)
- Equipped with reflow ovens

 Quality standards & functional tests

- AOI Review
- Compliance with RoHS and Reach regulations
- Compliance with IPC 610 standards
- Certification according to (DIN ISO 9001:2015) and
  Environmental guidelines 14001
- Dry storage of MSL components

Employee Qualification

Compliance with the required standards and quality is an important indicator at every stage of the process. Important cpk values are recorded and evaluated. Our employees are constantly trained to ensure that all processes run smoothly.


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